• Utusuri Koi

    New Utsuri Koi in stock, plus many other koi and goldfish

  • New Hours Starting September 1st

    New hours starting on September 1st. Sunday: CLOSED Monday: 10-6 Tuesday: 10-6 Wednesday: 10-6 Thursday: 10-6 Friday: 10-6 Saturday: 9-4

  • FREE Tropical Lily

    FREE Tropical Lily.  See our facebook page for details.

  • Pond Tour

    SightScapes is proud to announce it’s second annual POND TOUR. The tour date is scheduled for Saturday, August 23. Visit local homes to see “do it yourself” ponds and professionally installed water features.

  • Tropical Lilies on SALE

    Looking for some late season color to your pond? Tropical lilies are now 50% off at $14.99 each! We have purple and white still in stock!

  • Newsletter

    Summer Newsletter is now available. In this issue, details of the pond tour, barley and what it does for algae, the importance of aeration and a coupon. Let us know if you would like a copy.

  • July 4th Closed

    We will be closed on July 4th, reopening with regular business hours for the weekend.

  • Fish

    New fish have arrived.  Hi Fin Banded Sharks, Yellow Comets, and Black Moors are now in stock.  See our fish page for pictures.

  • Plants

    Pond plants have arrived! We now have our staples, hardy lilies, parrots feather, creeping jenny, iris, cattails, pennywort, and cardinal flower.  New this year we have virginia blue bells, chinese lizard tail, yellow monkey flower, and hibiscus.

  • Fish

    Arriving today!  Fish are at SightScapes.  We have various sizes of Comets, Sarasa, Shubunkins, and Fantails.

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